I've been taking pictures for 5 or 6 years now with some sense of purpose and not just snapping vacation pictures. I'm learning more and more and I want to present what are some of my favorite pictures in a more professional manner. Having a zenfolio page is one of my first steps to doing so.

Most of my photos revolve around the outdoors and the things I enjoy doing outside. This is mainly hiking, climbing and winter sports. Really the drive to take pictures came from the desire for others who did not go to these places with me, mainly my family, to be able to see what I saw. Even with great pictures it is almost impossible to capture the majesty of the mountains and nature. At least with photographs you are able to bring some of it back and look upon them and remember. I think, and I hope, that they also inspire people to get out and see for themselves what is out there.

On this site you'll find mainly outdoor and travel galleries. I am interested in capturing the things I see in my adventures and capturing the moment. I'm not interested in portraits or staged shots but in documenting the places I go and things I see.