Jeffrey Davis Photography | About

I have been taking a camera with me into the outdoors since I first bought a digital camera in 2003.  Photography has become an extension and a natural outcome of all my outdoor activities.  I enjoy landscape, outdoor action, and wildlife photography but I feel more like a photojournalist than I do a fine art photographer.  I am a long time weekend warrior and enjoy trad climbing, mountaineering, snowboarding, mountain biking, and kayaking.


I hope to be able to preserve something as I continue on this path of outdoor adventure and photography.  I'm not sure that's really possible but a photograph may be the only way to really share a memory of a special place in a way that endures.  


I enjoy helping others with their photography needs especially outdoor and environmental non profits.  If you have a project that I might be able to help with or if one of my photographs on this site might be useful please reach out and let me know.